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Welcome to the Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Handbook and guidance

Regulated firms must follow our rules. Find out how our Handbook and guidance can help them do that.

FINMSA Handbook
The Handbook contains the complete record of FINMSA Legal Instruments and presents changes made in a single, consolidated view.

All regulated firms must comply with the rules set out in the Handbook.

Dual-regulated firms will need to consider both FINSMA and Prudential Regulation Authority​ (PRA) rules, so should also refer to the PRA Rulebook.

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Subscription and reproduction licence
Subscriptions are available per module or for the entire Handbook, as well as for the Listing, Prospectus and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Subscriptions are annual and include all relevant updates on a monthly basis. You can order a copy of the Handbook from the TSO shop.

To subscribe to the Handbook online, and receive alerts and set favourites, firstly create an account.

You can also apply for a licence to reproduce content from the Handbook.

Help using the Handbook
For help using the Handbook you should firstly refer to the user guide and reader’s guide.

You can also watch a video tutorial for an overview of the site’s features.

If you have a query about the regulatory content of the Handbook, contact your supervisor or see other ways to contact us.

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